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Website Localization and Translation

At Argos Multilingual, our skilled, native translators use their subject matter expertise to make sure your website translations resonate with your international customers.

With over two decades of experience adapting software applications, multimedia files, and CMS systems, we have the know-how and the translation technology to make sure your website is translated quickly and accurately, no matter how large or complex it may be.

We work on website translation projects for clients from every possible industry in every conceivable language, and we also offer content management and translation management solutions that can automatically translate updates to your website content.

Updates made easy

Our web proxy server app is a seamless way to keep your global websites up to date. There’s no need for complex file management processes each time you want to make a change – our app automatically extracts any content changes you make to your source website. Your control over your multilingual websites can be further simplified by automating the process of batching content and sending it for translation.