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The agricultural industry is constantly reinventing itself. Innovation in biotechnology is pursued by private sector firms as well as governments, so it’s not surprising that the agricultural industry depends so much on technical translations to connect multiple labs across the world. As a leading technical translation company with a strict ISO quality focus and dedicated linguistic support, Argos Multilingual has offered technical translation services for some of the industry’s leading innovators.

Heavy Machinery & Construction Equipment

Argos Multilingual has supported the world’s leading heavy machinery and construction manufacturers for nearly a quarter century, adapting their technical documentation into every possible language combination. With one of the industry’s largest in-house localization and DTP departments, we can handle large and complex technical translation projects in any language you choose. Our clients depend on our standardized workflow, increased automation, and cost-reducing computer-aided translation tools along with the fast turnaround times made possible by our multiple production facilities.


As manufacturers around the globe look to lower their costs through offshoring, they inevitably face the problem of reconnecting all global operations through shared documentation. The intrinsic technicalities of the language used in your internal communications, product and service guides, and instruction manuals demand accurate linguistic adaptation to avoid the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Our professional engineering translation services guarantee that all your technical content is accurately adapted.


Technical translations for the automotive industry are extremely demanding due to the industry’s continuous and dynamic technological progress. Today’s auto manufacturers demand professional language translation services that accurately describe the latest engineering advancements and can be quickly deployed to market. When it’s time to target consumers in different countries, you can be sure that our automotive translations of your materials and documentation will be letter perfect and able to carry your message to all your clients, wherever they happen to be.

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