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Outsourcing Services

Businesses typically outsource to keep costs down and focus on core business goals. Our outsourcing services add a third reason – our people and processes are key drivers of innovation.

Depending on your needs and current circumstances, our personnel can work on-site or remotely, seamlessly integrating with your existing team and bringing with them unique skill sets and technologies that will give you an edge in terms of effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility.

Onsite Project Managers

Large-scale outsourcing can be a challenge, but our experienced project managers can help make it simple by effectively overseeing your translation and localization outsourcing, with a strict eye on quality standards. They will be available anywhere and anytime you require assistance, starting new projects and supporting your stakeholders in ordering projects, managing projects to deliver within agreed timeframes, and providing uninterrupted service, including all necessary invoicing and reporting data. This allows you to focus on your core competencies, gives your processes a fresh look from an external point of view, gets your translated and localized products to market faster, and speeds the preparation of similar projects in the future.

Onsite DTP Specialists

Whether you’re in the process of trying to decide on the overall look of your content or you simply feel that your existing materials need an overhaul, a top-flight desktop publishing (DTP) team is the key to making it happen. Until recently, however, a skilled, experienced, full-time DTP team was an expense that only massive conglomerates could afford. When you partner with Argos, our DTP specialists are available to you wherever and whenever you need them, ready to create visually compelling layouts that will get the attention of your audience, complement the message you want to convey, and give you the results you want by organizing layout strategies, consulting on best practices, and managing the layout team to handle all projects within agreed timeframes.

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