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Independent In-Country Review

Our independent in-country review process serves as an additional guarantee, making sure that your multilingual content says everything you need it to say.

As your business grows, so does the amount of your published content, which makes controlling the quality of your global localization program a time-consuming challenge. That’s why we offer an in-country review as part of your translation process. An unbiased assessment of your translated content will help us identify gaps and develop a plan to improve quality, and there are a variety of other benefits to consider:

  • Your current translation suppliers are independently and objectively assessed
  • Consistent messaging and terminology are introduced to build your brand identity
  • Quality improvement plans can be created and implemented
  • Your employees are free to concentrate on other pressing matters

How does it work?

An Argos project manager conducts a current state analysis to understand your current translation process and quality metrics. Using your linguistic assets and files, the project manager will then establish quality criteria and a “Pass/Fail” threshold that meets your expectations.

What metrics do we use?

We perform in-country reviews in our Argos Online Review Tool, which allows us to extract data related to changes made by selected reviewers. Each change made requires the reviewer to specify the type of error and level of severity, and each error is assigned a classification (terminology error, mistranslation, omission, etc.) with each having its own predefined effect on an overall quality score, that’s based on the SAE J2450 standard.

Who is involved?

Our independent in-country review service is overseen by experienced project managers and performed by experts who go through rigorous testing to become certified reviewers. This guarantees the right personnel for your project based on your industry and languages.