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In-Country Review Management

Our in-country review management service simplifies the review process by reducing the amount of content that needs to be reviewed wherever possible.

A typical in-country review exists to provide a final sign-off on translated content to make sure it appeals to a targeted audience and communicates a company’s brand, products, and services as accurately as possible. If it’s not done correctly, reviewers can spend too much time changing content or terminology that has already been approved or making corrections that go against your corporate style guides, delaying the launch of your global products and services.

The Argos difference

At Argos Multilingual, we work directly with your in-country reviewers to manage the entire process. An Argos Project Manager communicates the schedule and any challenges to your team and handles all linguistic and language discrepancies between the in-country reviewers and linguistic teams, while scheduling all reviews and communication. Our in-country collaboration (ICC) process guarantees up-front agreement on terminology and cultural requirements and drives a timely final sign-off.

Outsourcing the management of in-country review brings a host of other benefits as well:

  • Faster time-to-market – reviewers are aware of the schedule and deadlines in advance and are trained on what exactly needs to be reviewed and approved, reducing the volume of content needing approval
  • Improved quality – linguistic quality is monitored throughout the process, and reviewers can focus on approving the brand’s message and voice
  • Reduced cost – reviewers are trained up front, reducing the number of changes and the need for costly rework
  • Resource optimization – in-country reviewers spend less time on approval tasks and more time completing their primary tasks, preventing delays in other areas of your business
  • Partnership building – bringing in-country reviewers into the process allows for seamless work as a global team as well as increased trust between reviewers and linguists

Argos Multilingual’s in-country review management service makes sure that your translated content communicates your company’s brand, products, and services accurately for your global audience. Let us manage your in-country review process and feel the difference.

In-country collaboration

ICC is a perfect example of how we apply our Quality at Source (QaS) ethos – our processes and methodology are all underpinned by the principle that addressing quality from the very beginning decreases the likelihood of mistakes. ICC (like QaS) is all about guaranteeing that your in-country reviewers are incorporated into the process from the beginning, so they can use their extensive knowledge of new products and services to make sure linguistic teams are conveying the correct concepts and using the right terminology.