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Why Centralization is Worth the Effort


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Argos Multilingual

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25 Feb 2021

When it comes to delivering your content as intended to audiences in multiple locations, there’s no substitute for a properly centralized translation and localization strategy.

If you’re operating globally, there’s a good chance your marketing, corporate communications, technical publications, R&D, and engineering content is coming from multiple teams in multiple locations. This may seem like a time and money-saving proposition, but it can result in some very specific challenges when it’s time to translate and localize, including:

  1. Duplication of costs by division/country
  2. Decentralized communication and a lack of ownership
  3. Manual authoring and a general lack of automation, making it a challenge to reuse multilingual content
  4. A lack of shared linguistic assets and inconsistent terminology
  5. Adherence to different regulatory compliance and internationalization standards
  6. Poor detection of defects downstream in the product and content release cycle, which delays global release schedules

These challenges are leading forward-thinking businesses down the path toward cloud-based automation as a way to manage translation and localization more efficiently. Steps as simple as spreading the translation budget across business units and using a collaborative platform can keep costs down while improving brand consistency and increasing efficiency. Get centralization right, and you can expect the following results:

  • A 70+% rate of mature content reuse
  • Effective word rates in the low single digits
  • Independent state-of-the-art quality monitoring that is customized to predefined needs and continuous quarterly revisions
  • The elimination of desktop publishing (DTP) costs through structured authoring and integration with content management systems
  • Faster time to current markets and the ability to approach new markets
  • A 50% reduction in lead time
  • A more streamlined localization workflow with linguistic focus
  • Significant savings on localization
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