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Now More Than Ever: The Importance of Quality Medical Writing


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07 Oct 2020

As the world confronts a new global health epidemic in the form of COVID-19, the need for error-free medical communication has never been more urgent.

At its most basic, medical writing involves applying the principles of clinical research to develop clinical trial documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information. Medical writing can be classified into two types – regulatory and educational.

Regulatory medical writing involves writing documents for regulatory agencies seeking approval for devices, drugs, and biologics. This includes clinical trial data, regulatory submission documents, and post approval documents.

Educational medical writing is about writing documents about devices, biologics, and medicine, specifically for general studies.

This information needs to be detailed and accurate, and with pharma and biotechnology companies creating high demand for regulatory paperwork, it’s become a field that increasingly depends on experienced professionals and in-depth knowledge.

Medical writing in a pandemic

Because of the pandemic, medical writers are in greater demand than ever before, a situation that should attract even more top talent to the profession. While it’s always been a stable career path, there are multiple factors that have made it increasingly attractive:

  • The medical and healthcare industries are lucrative, essential, and growing
  • Medical writing is typically a remote job
  • Freelance medical writing jobs pay well
  • The barriers to entry keep competition reasonable, so there’s enough work to go around

Health and medical brands and companies will be communicating about COVID-19 for a long time to come, which means they’ll require a continuous flow of content, including:

  • Health topics explaining the virus
  • Evidence-based prevention strategies
  • Research summaries
  • Guidelines

Add it all up, and it becomes increasingly clear that there’s no shortage of unprecedented health challenges to write about in this “new normal.” 

The Argos approach

Our medical writers have the right educational qualifications, domain knowledge on therapeutic areas and regulatory/scientific guidelines, and the ability to write concise, error-free copy that’s perfectly suited for translation and localization. They become an extension of your team by being flexible and responsive to your needs, transforming your complex and diverse data into accurate, evidence-based accounts. To learn more, contact us.

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