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Getting the Most From Your Video Presentations


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Argos Multilingual

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29 Oct 2020

A raging pandemic and rapid advancements in virtual technology are leading more businesses to replace in-person meetings with video messages. Can quality translation and localization help make corporate video presentations feel more natural?

The widespread adoption of video messaging in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns has shown that the technology has plenty of positive aspects that may not have been apparent earlier. They share information faster, save time and money, and reduce carbon footprints. Not only that, employees have proven surprisingly adaptable when it comes to sharing information globally via video, and with the holiday season fast approaching many companies are searching for the fastest, most effective, and safest way to bring their employees together. With that in mind, it’s worth considering all the ways in which a world-class language services provider (LSP) can improve your video messaging:

  • Script preparation. Audiences in 2021 expect professional, high-quality videos, and the key to creating them lies in the ability to create well-written scripts that can hold a viewer’s attention. Badly written, boring scripts and amateurishly filmed videos can immediately turn off potential consumers and cause them to associate your brand with low quality.

  • Translation and localization. Naturally, translation errors or omissions in an onscreen text will show your brand in a bad light, but what’s equally important to remember is that poor localization can contradict what’s shown in your videos, making viewers confused and ruining your image. Without localization, nuances simply get lost. The genre of the video, the tone of the script, and the cultural references are all important to the perception of your message. If your script is full of jokes or sarcasm, that humor needs to be preserved across cultures. Putting an effort into your video localization also shows your audience that you respect them enough to communicate accurately with them in their native language.

  • Subtitling. A commonly overlooked reason to use subtitles in marketing videos is their ability to boost search engine optimization (SEO) results. Incorporating subtitles in your video will result in higher search rankings on Google and YouTube, which will increase your views and traffic. Another good reason to use subtitles for your audiovisual localization is to increase accessibility – most videos on social media are watched without sound. However, one thing that subtitles can’t easily do is convey strong emotion, which brings us to our next option.

  • Voiceover is a technique that records a different target language over the source language., and it’s often much more effective in evoking the emotion you want your target audience to feel. On top of that, it’s been proven that viewers retain 95% of a video message they watch and hear compared to a message delivered only via subtitles. Therefore, the obvious solution is to implement a voiceover and subtitles, which will truly internationalize your message and give your video the best chance of global success.

At Argos Multilingual, we’re specialists in all the above aspects of video production, and our project managers oversee every detail with an eye for accuracy that guarantees quality results. But we don’t stop there – we go an extra mile by publishing your multimedia content where your audience is sure to find it, and we’re so confident that you’ll want to continue working with us that it’s our standard procedure to make sure that your source files are ready for future translations. Visit us to learn more about why we’re the ideal “one-stop shop” for all your multimedia needs.

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