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#4 Customer Review: Technology


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13 Jul 2016

Our adventure with the Customer Review webcast series is almost over, so let’s recap on the main ideas highlighted. During the four episodes, we presented to you the various aspects of customer review in the localization process, including streamlining your workload, providing management of in-country personnel and tips for the proper adaptation of content for in-country review. We believe the whole secret is hidden in high-quality translation services – which is the primary goal of Argos Multilingual.

The fourth episode, and at the same time the last, focuses on the available technologies for in-country review.

If you have been involved in the customer review, you probably worked with different types of documents, possibly even handwritten notes – which not at all eases your job. Reviewing of each formatted version has a very specific and long process. Every change carries a potential risk of incorrect transformation – that is why every particular step requires a lot of attention.

In our webcast, we give you a hint of how to deal with it in a better and safer way! Argos provide the online reviewing tools for your business. Our secure and easy-to-use system will definitely help you to automate your customer review process anywhere.

So, what you get with Argos?  Watch our webcast Customer Review: Technology now to find out!

Thank you for sharing with us this webcasts-adventure. All the webcasts in this series are now available for you to watch:

#1 Customer Review: Content Types

#2 Customer Review: Subject Matter Experts

#3 Customer Review: Managed In-Country Review

#4 Customer Review: Technology

If you are wondering about our Customer Review services, or simply you have any other queries – please Contact us!

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