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Argos Multilingual and enLabel Global Services, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership


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Argos Multilingual

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12 Sep 2018

Streamline the International Medical Labeling Publishing Process

Argos Multilingual, a leading language service provider and enLabel Global Services, Inc., a technology and consulting company of first-class Integrated Packaging Management (IPM) solutions, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to fully integrate the enLabel Integrated Packaging Management platform with Argos’ Translation Management System, with the goal of building a fully automated end-to-end multilingual label publishing solution.

Operating within a highly regulated market, life science and medical device manufacturers need to ensure their products comply with the various language requirements of each locale they target. Such regulations including the 2017 European Union Medical Device Regulations, have sparked the need for better automated systems that can easily adjust to regulatory changes on a sporadic level.

Ensuring quality and fast turnaround times is key to being competitive in such a regulated market. The new strategic partnership between Argos and enLabel will allow their customers to achieve exactly that. The enLabel Integrated Packaging Management platform will be fully integrated with Argos’ Translation Management System. With pre-defined language requirements and deadlines, the label content will be automatically translated and imported back into the IPM platform, continuing its process to publication. This automated workflow, ensures the right content is selected for translation and translated, eliminating manual processing steps.

“Our goal is to have our customers smoothly adapt to changes in their industries. This partnership with enLabel is not just a technological partnership but also a change in the way in which life sciences companies will work to be ready for the various language requirements and changes in regulations that can affect their business”, stated Argos Multilingual’s President and Founder, Kimon Fountoukidis.

“We live in a world of perpetual change! Our goal is to deliver the best in class tools and subject matter expertise to our clients so that they can adapt to the increasingly complex regulatory landscape and demands of the global supply chain. Our clients leverage automation and a rules driven process to effectively manage product data, graphics and translations”. – Ken Legault, Vice President Sales and Marketing 

About Argos Multilingual

Established in 1996, Argos Multilingual is a leading global provider of technology-enabled language translation and localization services. Headquartered in Krakow, Poland, Argos has US offices in the Kansas City area and Boulder, Colorado. For more information, please visit

About enLabel

enLabel is the first and leading provider of Integrated Packaging Management (IPM) solutions for medical device and life sciences organizations. IPM encompasses Artwork Management, Enterprise Labeling and e-Labeling. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, enLabel has regional offices in California, UK and Thailand. For more information, please visit

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