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Life as a Language Lead


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07 Jun 2016

Translations are not just about translating. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t get to see and impacts on the quality and consistency of translations. This part is where our language lead team comes in. Their job involves many different aspect of linguistic quality and to get a real insight I have asked Anna one of our language leads to share her experiences.

What does a normal day in your shoes look like?

Anna: My daily challenges usually consist of writing translation instructions and assisting various people involved in the translation process with providing answers to their queries.

What is the role of a Language Lead in ensuring quality translations?

Anna: Language Leads coordinate translation projects, mostly from various linguistic aspects. For example, we analyze potential translation challenges before the translation stage in order to provide translators with ready-make solutions and to prevent mistakes.

What aspects of your work do you like doing the most?

Anna: I like the fact that every day brings various interesting challenges 🙂

Why do you think Language Leading is an important part of the translation process?

Anna: Language Leading is crucial especially in projects translated into several languages as it ensures a consistent translation approach to various linguistic aspects in all of those languages.

Did you ever have a funny experience or mistake that you found which you can share with us?

Anna: It is always a funny experience to see facial expressions of my friends and family members when I tell them the name of my job position and try to briefly explain what my duties consist of, as language leading very often appears to be an abstract concept to people, even to those working in translation field 🙂

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