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KTLC ’22: What You Might Have Missed 


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Argos Multilingual

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06 Oct 2022

Argos Multilingual was proudly represented by two of our very own at KTLC (Konferencja Tłumaczy + Translation and Localization Conference) this year. Presenter and panelist, Enterprise Growth Director, Rodrigo Cristina, and one of our Supply Chain Managers, Gabriela Delida at KTLC.  

Whether you attended or not, here are the highlights or things you might have missed:

Mental Health

The last two years have thrown all of us into a topsy turvy world that has required quick adaptation to stay abreast of constant changes. And it hasn’t been easy.

The term ‘work life balance’ has become increasingly popular and we’ve seen a societal shift towards mental health awareness.

We’re glad to see the localization industry highlight the importance of mental health and maintaining a healthy balance for industry actors and people on the forefront of delivering localization. From translators and project managers to engineers and everyone in between; we see you and urge you to take the time you need to find your perfect equilibrium.


The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ causes many diverse opinions, and whether you’re resistant or in acceptance, one thing is for certain: AI is here to stay.

Despite machine translation technology being around for decades, there’s still some pushback and raised eyebrows within the L10N industry that may be due to lack of understanding.

Machine translation isn’t expected to do the work of a translator, but to act as an aid in making the process more efficient.

After all, machines don’t have social intelligence, nor do they understand the nuances of language the way humans do.

Opportunities & Trends to Make Note Of

  1. Language service providers are diversifying revenue streams which includes covering the full multilingual content life cycle and adding data services that require a specific level of expertise that other players in the industry might not have. As a result, there are positive impacts on the opportunities created for all involved.
  2. Language for everyone. This trend is creating more opportunities, namely for the language supplier pool who can offer content optimization and language consultancy on diversity, equality, and inclusion for target languages localized for particular content types.
  3. We are moving away from the era of intuitive management and relying on data to make informed decisions. Companies like Nimdzi and CSA collect, update, and make data available to LSPs in almost real time so LSPs can make smarter decisions faster.
  4. Clients are increasingly internalizing linguistic quality related functions, which in the past was a responsibility of the LSPs. This new trend implies a rise in hires for QA roles, let’s see if it sticks in the new economic panorama.
  5. LSPs are changing their philosophy to become customer-centric and steering away from focusing on deliverables. The new approach embraces the customer outcome by speaking the customer’s business language.

“We definitely need to understand our customers’ industry, their businesses and business models and tailor our own value proposition as an LSP to those aspects of our relationship with our customers”
– Rodrigo Cristina

We’re Back!

While we’re not fully in the clear yet, we are back to having in-person conferences, within a hybrid setting. We were happy to see a mix of attendees and presenters tuning in via teleconferencing tools and physically. 

“It was an intense time – 3 days packed with great meetings, interesting conversations, and news from our industry. After so many months of lockdown and couple of online events, we finally managed to meet in person to share our experience – I feel very inspired by all the professionals. I really hope to see you all next year!”
– Gabriela Delida, Supply Chain Manager

We had a great time at KTLC this year and we’re already excited about the next.

Will we see you there?

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