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Finding your LSP Internal Dream Team at ELIA ND Vienna


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19 Sep 2018

The European Language Industry Association (ELIA) is hosting another edition of their Networking Days event in Vienna, Austria. We are honored to have our Senior Resource Specialist, Luiza Szafranska selected to speak at the event. Luiza’s presentation, “LSP’s Internal Dream Team: expectations vs. reality” will take place on Day 2 of the event at 12.05pm. Before heading off to the event, we had the chance to briefly speak to Luiza to find out a little more about her upcoming presentation.

What is your presentation at ELIA ND Vienna focused on?

Luiza Szafranska: It mainly explores trends among small and middle-sized LSPs as far as Project Managers’ skillset goes.

Apart from some theory regarding roles in an organization and aptitudes or inclinations toward some particular job types, I will mainly focus on what I’ve found out in my interviews I conducted with Argos’ most experienced PM Team Leaders. I will also present results of the survey conducted among Argos’ main partner LSPs.

What is the LSP’s dream team?

LS: I guess each LSP has its own dream team 🙂 As I said, I mainly explore the PM team as an LSPs’ core team, and must admit that apart from a few pretty obvious skills and attributes trending high on the charts, I have discovered that it’s very arbitrary and very individual what a particular organization expects from their team. Expectations very often depend on a particular team leader who makes staff choices according to his/her individual working style, career path (the reason why s/he became a leader), project specifics, team management style etc.

What can the audience expect to take away from your presentation?

LS: I will rather say what the audience cannot expect: no recipe for an internal dream team will be provided. I think the main benefit might be the confrontation with the current trends as far as PM’s full package goes which in turn might inspire change or reassure that you are looking in the same direction as other LSPs.

For more information about the event, head to the ELIA ND Vienna website or contact us for more information.

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