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06 Aug 2018

Once again, Argos is heading off to the Translation Technology Power Summit, XTM LIVE USA. Hosted by XTM International in Boston, Massachusetts, the conference will take place at Hotel Commonwealth on September 17 – 18.

The two day event will be filled with showcase presentations, workshops and breakout sessions. The sessions at XTM Live Boston will discuss complex, modern topics, such as Translation Management System selection and deployment, Machine Learning, Neural Machine Translation, continuous Localization or Multilingual SEO strategy to name just a few. With speeches delivered by industry leaders from ServiceNow, ASICS Digital, InEight, DOMO, Nimdzi Insights and other recognized companies, there will be a lot of excitement in the air.

Participants will get a chance to attend one on one sessions and discuss the subject of their choice, such as connectors for AEM, Sitecore, Drupal or WordPress. Henk Boxma will provide insight into the web app in-context translation technology RIGI.

With an array of attendees and speakers from across industries, XTM LIVE is the ideal place for networking and professional development in the translation technology space.

Heading to XTM LIVE in Boston? Here is what you need to know directly from Camillo Brena, Marketing Manager at XTM International.

1. What is the central theme for XTM Live in Boston?

It is difficult to define only one central theme for the conference, because it is built on the success of XTM LIVE San Mateo and XTM LIVE Amsterdam, where more than 250 professionals participated in the events. We received very positive feedback from the participants for both of the previous conferences.

I can explain the purpose of the event which is to help overcome localization challenges by optimizing the translation workflow and that technology is key in doing so. We will show you how to use it to your advantage, will give you the opportunity to engage in new mutually attractive partnerships and will indulged you in the 360 vision of the complete solution, best practices and the latest localization technology. With the audience at the heart of the event and composed of localization professionals from around the world, the atmosphere is sure to be great and will be flowing with positive energy and experience sharing.

The summit will begin with Renato Beninatto keynote speech “Let’s not talk about trends, let’s talk about patterns” that relays on his knowledge and experience. The list of speakers hasn’t be finalized yet, but includes Brock Hansen and Leon Leid from InEight, Mark Silvestri from ServiceNow, Joel Sahleen from DOMO inc., Alessandra Binazzi from Asics Digital, Andrzej Zydroń from XTM International, Sergey Parievsky from Juniper Networks and many more.

2. What should attendees expect to get out of this conference?

XTM LIVE is a summit 2.0. Tackling localization subjects alone, the conference devotes all of its time to discuss the important and localization relevant matters. With 3 panels included in the program, the audience will not be limited to sit, hear and stare but will actively participate in the discussion allowing you to hear your industry peers who have already found a way to overcome these challenges and work more effectively or hassle-free.

The strong thought leadership coming from experts such as Chris Raulf, Dr. John Tinsley or Dave Ruane will be just the right spark to ignite a riveting conversation at various occasions. Given so much food for thought you will quickly find yourself engaged in competent, argument driven conversations that conclude with new valuable partners, providers or customers. However, most important of all, you will return home with your head full of ideas on how to solve your recurring issues, remedy delays, optimize your resources, save more and localize better!

For more information about the event, or to register, head to the XTM LIVE website.

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