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Argos Has Been Named One of the Fastest Growing LSPs


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Argos Multilingual

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10 Oct 2022

Argos Multilingual has been named one of the fastest growing LSPs in the last three years, according to CSA Research. We’re excited and planning to continue full steam ahead.

Here’s what our CEO, Véronique Özkaya had to say:

“At Argos, growth is a must. Growth enables us to keep our talent and give our employees more opportunities. It is also a catalyst for creativity as we constantly develop new solutions and new services for our clients.

 In the uncertain times we are living, we believe growth is our primary resilience muscle.

Sustainable, profitable, and inclusive growth is a conscious choice we have made, and it is the basis for decisions we make across the business.

Growing a company consistently does not come easy. The language industry has been primarily a general contracting sector that has become more commoditized over the years. So, to grow, we know we must add value to our clients, every day. We decided to explore and invest in opportunities adjacent to our core business.

Our new strategy, launched mid-2020, aims at evolving into a global content company, rather than focusing solely on localization services. It has meant creating an enhanced go-to-market plan and starting new service lines. This has only been possible because of top talent, with a mix of new hires and a significant HR investment to develop an upskilling program, made up of training, mentoring, and coaching.

Two acquisitions in 2021 allowed us to enhance our portfolio with specific services (Quality Services and Data/Machine Learning). Argos now serves enterprise clients along the entire content lifecycle from content creation and optimization to publishing. Integration was a key strategic focus, and we are expecting 30% organic growth this year.”

Argos is proud of its entire team from translators, engineers, project and account managers who are on the forefront of delivering our services to our clients, to the data services team who work diligently to produce innovative technologies that show tangible improvements to the translation process.

Each one of us works towards a common goal in serving our clients the best we can. Growth remains one of the three pillars of our vision.

Interested in how we can help your brand expand successfully into international markets?

Reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.


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